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Machilipatnam Port work updates
Machilipatnam Port works at brisk pace by MEIL

The construction works of Machilipatnam port which was launched in May this year are at a fast pace. The government authorities as well as the construction company workers are leaving no stone unturned to complete the port works on time.

As per the Detailed Project Report, the project is expected to be completed in 30 months. It should be noted that the Machilipatnam Port 1st Phase works were started with an outlay of Rs 3,940.43 crore. In this view, the authorities of the Machilipatnam Port Development Corporation (a subsidiary of AP Maritime Board) and workers of Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd (MEIL) are working with all their might to bring a ship into the Machilipatnam port before the deadline by completing the task.

At present 300 workers/employees including 50 engineers are striving hard in this port construction work. Coupled with all the collective efforts, the north breakwater works were almost completed. So far, 230 meters of work has been completed against a total of 250 meters and a length of 274 meters of South Breakwater works have been completed apart from other port-related works.

Breakwater is an offshore construction that is usually constructed for protecting the port from water waves and longshore currents and also to prevent beach erosion. The authorities have deployed 130 trucks to carry boulders and rocks. Every day the trucks are carrying 3,000 tonnes of boulders. The boulders are being taken from Donaband mining quarries of the NTR district. So far 1.2 lakh metric tons of rocks have been transported to the port construction area.

Besides commencing the breakwater works, Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) installation works also commenced. The PVD installations are typically undertaken for improving the ground system for concerned constructions. The authorities have fixed a target to install PVD to the extent of 500 acres for all four berths of the Machilipatnam port. So far they completed 15 acres of PVD for a coal berth and the rest of the work is being undertaken in a phased manner. Apart from that, piling works for the compound wall is also commenced. In addition, boundary-making and stone-fixing works were concluded for the port area. Labor camps, offices, accommodation, weighbridges, and batching plant constructions were also accomplished.

Approach channel work which is vital for ships’ arrival was also commenced. So far one lakh cubic meters on the landside was dredged at a depth of minus 2 meters.

Speaking to ‘The Hans India,’ the construction company Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd (MEIL) Deputy General Manager (MTM Port) Raghavendra said that they are aiming to bring a ship to the Machilipatnam port in the upcoming 15 months by completing the necessary works.

He said that with the immense support of the government, they are going ahead in terms of doing all sorts of work by coordinating with each other.